If you ride mountain bikes, you will fall off at some point. It's simple fact.

However, while it is simple to say this. It isn't necessarily as simple to get over the downsides to crashing. In today's blog, I will be talking about the mental and physical aspects of crashing. And how you can work on not letting these things affect you.

Let's get into it:

1: It hurts:

Crashing your bike hurts. From gravel rash to hitting the deck hard. Coming off of your bike can be painful, even if you don't injure yourself. You can to some extent limit this, with proper gloves, knee pads and clothing.

Obviously a good helmet is key to protecting your head. But the other garments I have mentioned can also make crashing less painful. 

2: Injury:

I'm always careful when I talk about "preventing" injury. As you can never prevent injury. However, you can take measures to make your body more resilient to injury.

Increasing your bodies strength, and mobility are all ways to reduce the risk of damaging your body as you hit the deck. 

However: Bare in mind that you will never, ever fully reduce the risk of injury. it's part and parcel of a sport, especially one like MTB.

Adding in some simple bodyweight exercises like press ups, pull ups (assisted also ok), core work and squatting can make your body stronger, and less likely to suffer when you crash. 
Adding in some yoga can make you more supple, stronger and also more resilient to exercise too.


3: Confidence:

If you have ever gone through a phase of riding where you constantly seem to be crashing, you know exactly how this feels.

Confidence comes and goes and can be effected by all manner of things, something I teach on my MTB Masterclass.

However when you crash, it is only natural that your confidence slips and you begin to feel less relaxed on the bike.

Looking at a rider, there are certain signs of low confidence: Not attacking the trail, riding stiff on the bike and reacting to roots, and features late are tell tale signs.

Two tips on regaining confidence are:

1: Ride your favourite trails, keep it chilled and ride for the fun instead of chasing times.

2: Get out on a more chilled out ride. If you ride quite intense, slow the pace down a little bit and just have a laugh sessioning with your mates.

Remember confidence will come and go, it's completely normal.

Riding mountain bikes is definitely a sport where your skills will be tested, and crashing is simply you pushing it a little too far. If you never come off of your bike your in a safety zone, and are never making progress.

Try and put the tips in this blog into practice though to improve your experience when crashing. Reduce the risk of unwanted injuries and be in a better place mentally.

If this blog has helped you in anyway, I would love to hear from you.

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