Now the dust has settled, and the news has covered every angle of the weekends final, we can now look back and view the match with less emotion and more brain.

In today's blog I want to take inspiration from the England team and look at ways that this collective team of individuals from varied backgrounds can be a positive influence on our nation:

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing" - Henry Ford.

When I think about the England team through this tournament, and I saw those players lined up for the final. I saw a team of over-achievers, a team of underdogs and a team that has so much potential ahead of it.

The average age of the team was 25 years old, with the oldest being 31 years old (still young).

This is a team that can learn from defeat, learn from mistakes and move forwards onto new heights.

And that, is exactly what they will be doing. In case you haven't worked it out yet. It is also the EXACT form of inspiration you should take from this team too.

Because in life, we fail. We make mistakes and things happen to us that don't necessarily fill us with joy.

But, there is also a positive element to this, one we must learn to see and pick out. I am a firm believer that there is a positive to ANY situation no matter how negative it may be.

England's euro 2021 squad

So, how do you achieve this?

I will be open and honest with you here, it's not something that can happen overnight, especially if you have a tendency to look at things with a negative mindset. I know how this feels, I have been there and experienced that.

For example, in my first ever XC race I was taken to school. Finishing last and feeling very, embarressed. Here I was, a fitness professional, in last place. My clothing was wrong, My nutrition was wrong and I was way too heavy to compete. However I took these lessons as the harsh reality and changed, two years later I was lining up on the start line 40lbs lighter, wearing TREK colours on a sponsored bike.

If I had purely focused on the event as an embarrassment, I could have easily never raced again!

Focusing on the negatives of a situation is something that as a nation we are incredibly good at thanks to the media and our general (poor) attitude to mental health, but this doesn't mean that we can't break tradition!

If this sounds like something that you struggle with too, I want to help and below I have broken this down into a step by step guide of dealing with the situation:

1: Accepting it's happened:

The first thing you must do with any negative, is accept that it has happened. This counts for anything, breakups, loss of income, injuries that prevent you from doing your hobby. No matter what the negative you have to accept it has happened. Once you can accept this, you can then begin to move on from the situation.

2: Pause, and think:

Now you have accepted it, you must then think, reflect on why it happened. What steps can be taken in future to improve this?

Be open and honest with yourself here but don't be overly negative. Truth hurts, but it doesn't necessarily have to mean it's only your fault!

3: Think of the positives:

Now you know how and why, you have to break it down and think of the positive situations that can arise from this. As I mentioned above when a poor result in cycling, I analyse why, but I also think about the positives of that race, where I was fast, how my nutrition was, tyre choice etc. Did I enjoy riding the course?

Think of the positives of a situation, I promise you, there will be some!

4: create an action plan:

Once this has been done, and you know the potential positive outcomes from this situation you can then begin to create an action plan of how you are going to achieve these things.

Breaking up with your ex partner often leaves people with more social time, seeing their friends more and attending events that they previously couldn't due to time/family restrictions.

How are you going to make sure you do this?

Create a plan of action, keep it close to you and read it every day!

5: Move on:

Turn this action plan into a list of healthy habits and eventually, move on!

I am not here to tell you it's easy. I know first hand that it isn't. 

But if you really want to adapt and grow, you must learn that losses are lessons and turn them into blessings in disguise, no. Turn them into an outcome. You, shaping your destiny!

I hope this blog has helped and has shed some light on learning from mistakes.

I would love to hear from you if this has resonated with you, feel free to get in touch if so!

Have a great day.