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- BSC strength and conditioning.

- Level 3 personal trainer.

- Phil richards STAAD coach.

- Phil Richards advanced fat loss.

- Phil Learney advanced hypertrophy.

- Phil Learney advanced coaching academy.

- Jordan fitness functional fitness.

- level 2 olympic weightlifting coach.

- NSCA youth strength and conditioning.

- MIAS level 2 MTB coach & guide.

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I began my coaching journey at 19 years old, where I enrolled as a strength and conditioning intern at the University of Glamorgan.

From that moment, I became hooked on helping to become the best versions of themselves they could be.

During my time here I studied under some fantastic coaches that really inspired me to be the best that I can be, and be dedicated to delivering results with the people I work with.

From this I went on to become the S&C coach for Sheffield tigers RUFC while carrying on my studies and internships with numerous coaches.

Shortly after that I set up a coaching business at a small gym (with huge ambition) and instantly fell in love with the role.

During my 10 years working as a coach I have helped people achieve results they never thought possible, here are a few highlights:

- Helping Simon Stead (Sheffield and international speedway rider) recover from a leg and arm break to return to competitive speedway and win the British title.

- Develop a youth footballer to become fitter, and stronger and achieve his goal of playing professional football.

- Guided 35 people through the national three peaks challenge.

- Worked with numerous cyclists and mountain bikers to become fitter, faster and stronger. 

And, get on the podium.

Helping people to achieve the goals they set out, and knowing that people put their trust in me to deliver results, week in, week out is a hugely rewarding feeling.

And something that I will always look back on with pride, and fulfilment.

In my spare time I compete in mountain biking and cycling events and just enjoy being outdoors.

Combining my love of health and fitness with a love of being outside has really inspired me to create some unique packages that I know you will love!

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